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A forum for women who have connection to Algeria ,to share and learn about living there life as an expat . Helping other women who have moved there support group
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 Mouradia area

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PostSubject: Mouradia area   Mouradia area Icon_minitimeTue May 15, 2012 10:47 am

um-zakaria`s area

i live in el Mouradia. (Kareema you know it, you were at my house)
it is an old area with still many little houses from the french,

now those houses are often in a very bad condition.

Although we are part of the chic area "le golf" ("presidence") everything is old here, broken and often quit dirty and not chic at all.

Here and there are these typicall algerian high buildings (villas) of several floors: unfinished.

The people live here since long time, it is a very familiar area where people know each other.
This is good for security, i don't think that we have a high criminality rate here BUT
when you are new like us, it is somehow difficult to integrate.
Even after 8 years we feel completly strangers in our area.
When you have a problem with someone than it could be you will have problems with ALL his family: half of the street or more!
Never ever a neighbour invited me although i invited some of them (those i know from masjed)
i think it is mainly because most of them live with large familys ( in tiny apartments/houses)and allways mens arround so they can't have sisters for visit. wAllahu al'am.

the best of my area is that the school seems to be good, there are pupils coming even from Blida every day.

And the other very good thing is, that if i want, and don't mind the cars on the way, i can go by feet to the monument.
There i could take a telepherique to go to the jardin d'essai.

Or take another telepherique and go to Belcourt (for some shopping: everything , also fabrics!). this takes me about 15 min.

we have a masjed right next the house and alhamduliLlah katheeran there are doorus for sisters and alhamdulillah in the right path.

Market is normal. prices normal . All you need to eat and also clothes.

there is basketballclub for children, Judo too.

pollution like evrywhere. this is what i hate most!

Streets are very, very small (as it is an old area) and that means much of stress either you are on your way by feet or by car.

i know two german sisters living nearby, but there are certainly more muhadjirates, i'm sure because some have their kids with my kids at school.

Otherwise it is simple here, sometimes even boring ...but i still prefer this to an hectic area with cafes and souks.

We are playing with the idea to move if ever we find something and can change with what we have for an area where is less pollution.
But compared with the center,belcourt or chambre neuf the pollution here is less.

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Mouradia area
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