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A forum for women who have connection to Algeria ,to share and learn about living there life as an expat . Helping other women who have moved there support group
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 Bachdjarah ...where i live

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umm kaoutar
umm kaoutar

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PostSubject: Bachdjarah ...where i live    Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:41 pm


Bachdjarah (or Badjarrah) is a commune in the province of Algiers in Algeria , located in the southeast suburbs of Algiers


This is a small town made ​​up of cities "dormitories" built successively from the plane of Constantine to the late 1950 in the foothills of the Algerian Sahel .

The municipality consists of the neighborhoods Hai El Badr, the cooler and more sets that are Bachdjerah city, Hai El Badr City, cited the Palms, city Diar El Djemaa, Djenane El Mabrouk, City August 20 scalable ex cited, quoted ex-Muslim Gregory, quoted Haouch Hadda but also the district of Wadi Ouchaïah just above the tunnel highway that connects the northern bypass on the ring road south of Algiers, there is one of the historic city slums. There are also other areas that are Bachdjerrah3 City and Tifrit Lahlou.


Located in the hinterland of Hussein Dey and El Harrach , this area has been urbanized steep from the years 1950 and after independence to accommodate people coming to the rural exodus which sociological composition typical of the neighborhoods popular and populous.

The common conclusion of the administrative division of 1984 , from the territory of communes of Hussein Dey and El Harrach .

Bachdjerrah name comes from the Turkish word bach agglutination, an honorary title, and djerah Arabic, meaning "surgeon" . Bachdjerah therefore relates to the chief surgeon or surgeon-master .

Maintenance workshops for Algiers Metro
Factory Michelin


Found in many schools Bachdjerrah class which saw the birth of the great figures Algerian [Which?] . Among them: Lycée Hassan Ibn Thabet, Lycée Cheikh El Haddad.

Daily life


The Tennis Club Ouramdane M'Hamed with 12 clay courts.
The Stade Communal land and its annexes to Djemaa El Diar.
The sports hall in the city of Badjarah.

subhan`allah i didnt know most of this and ihave been living here for over 5 years

i love bachdjarah and find the locals great ... i`m in a small part of the area called ejeco ... which is pretty quiet and all the neighbours are the best

they always look out for us and my kids ...

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umm burhan
umm burhan

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PostSubject: Re: Bachdjarah ...where i live    Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:56 am

I know the area a bit as I have several in-laws living there.
The market is really big compared to others, a lot cheaper with people coming from far to shop there. One can find nearly everything there. Unfortunately it is also a pick-pocket hot-spot
There is a big new shopping centre, mostly clothes I think, but expensive.
The metro is buying built there too, so far it runs up to Hai-el-Badr.
One of the mosques there (right on the main road) I was told is the biggest in Algiers, though having seen others I don't quite believe that.
There is a big Centre de Sante, many doctors of all professions can be found in the area, with long queues.
Schools I was told are a bit overcrowded.
Generally the area is quite built up, not much green, and I am not aware of any playgrounds. Whenever I am there, I see quite alot of traffic, and the air is polluted.
Compared to were I live, there are very few mosquitos there.
I noticed that people there seem to know each other better than where I live, maybe because the blocks have been inhabited by the families for decades. Some of my older in-laws have been living there for 60 years or so.

Where did you find this historical info ?
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umm kaoutar
umm kaoutar

Female Number of posts : 413
Age : 43
Localisation : algeria
Emploi : To work towards jannah
Registration date : 2010-03-14

PostSubject: Re: Bachdjarah ...where i live    Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:56 pm

i goggled it and had it translated as i wasnt sure what to write and how to phrase it

but yes it does have a large market and yes you need to be careful of pick pockets ...

the traffic can sometimes be alot but it depends on the time of day

the metro is being built and i`m very close to this area

oh believe me their are mosquitoes but it will depend on the area your in and how much greener their as i lived in another part before this flat and we had none and windows could be left open all night

masha`allah tha masjid on the main road is excellent

they have some classes after the jummah prayer and also in the holidays they do classes for the women in learning quran

their are two big shopping centers here

one is down in the market near the old post office and the other as you come into the town and across form that is the new post office
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PostSubject: Re: Bachdjarah ...where i live    

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Bachdjarah ...where i live
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