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A forum for women who have connection to Algeria ,to share and learn about living there life as an expat . Helping other women who have moved there support group
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 Mohammadia, Algiers

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umm burhan
umm burhan

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PostSubject: Mohammadia, Algiers   Mohammadia, Algiers Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 7:35 am

I live in Mohammadia formerly known as Cinq Maison.
It's a fairly mixed housing area with everything from small overcrowded flats in huge blocks on run down estates over decent size ones to huge villas. Flat prices higher than other areas but not as high as in the center.
Likewise the population is mixed from not so well off to rich. There are sisters dressed all in black with Niqab, others wearing the more common tight abaya with khimar to women wearing jeans or mini skirts. Men likewise a lot of thawb, others trousers, to those that wear french suits.
Plenty of schools around of all levels.
Small shops clustered together in two parts, a tiny crowded market with overpriced veg and fruit, Pretemps. The area is a bit expensive, people with cars go shopping in other markets like Bachjarrah, Sorical (spelling ?) and Boumati (spelling ?). A big supermarket has been built but has not opened yet. Many of the smaller shops and restaurants (plenty of those) keep changing owners and goods sold.
Plenty of doctors, usually one does not have to wait more than an hour or two at most. There is a Centre de sante. No hospital, the nearest one is in Belfort (I am not recommending that one).
Many buses going in all directions incl straight to the centre. Tramway is being built, probably a few more months before it runs here. The nearest train station is at the Hippodrome (horse race course) and Islamic University.
There is a isolated beach, not safe for women and kids, and not clean anyway. Men use it for fishing, and couples too, wild dogs live there.
A large mosque with halaqa for sisters, classes for kids, Dar al Iman.
A motorway is passing on one side, a route nationale on the other, also with lots of people shopping at Pretemps, traffic is bad, parking not easy to find at busy times.
The Safex (exhibition center) can be found here on the other side of the motorway, plenty of exhibitions going on, we use it mostly as a playground, were the kids can kick a ball around without having to worry about cars. The Dream Parc (funfair) is situated inside.
Next to the Safex is the Hilton hotel, inside the British Embassy. (For your papers you have to go to the British consulate though.)
Playgrounds, forget it, what little there is, is mostly damaged, unsafe to use.

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umm burhan
umm burhan

Female Number of posts : 4937
Localisation : algiers
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PostSubject: Re: Mohammadia, Algiers   Mohammadia, Algiers Icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 6:22 am

Mohammadia (formerly district Lavigerie of the town of Maison Carree in the settlement ) is a commune in the province of Algiers in Algeria , located in the eastern suburbs of Algiers .

The municipality of Mohammadia is located about 10 km east of Algiers , in the heart of the Bay of Algiers. It is bounded on the west by the Oued El Harrach to the north by the sea on the south by road (RN) 5 and east by the municipalities of El Bordj Kiffan and Bab Ezzouar .

Neighboring towns of Mohammadia
Mediterranean Sea
Bordj El Kiffan
Hussein Dey
Bab Ezzouar
El Harrach
Oued Smar
Bab Ezzouar

The town has 4 km of coastline. It is located on a hill down to the sea

The municipality of Mohammadia is crossed by the bypass east of Algiers
It is bordered to the south by the National 5
It is served by the first line of the Algiers tramway

The town consists mainly of group housing and semi-collective [What?] distributed in the various districts and towns of the city such as Cinq Maisons, les Dunes, Cité Mohammadia cité Méditerranée, Belvédère , more recently, the new area called Les bananiers (formerly Les Mandarines). Only the areas Les Pins maritimes, Tamaris, Lido, Les Castors (formerly quartier d'Air France) districts are composed of villas and houses. But it is the oldest neighborhoods is the smartest, as the district Caterpillar (now Rue de Biskra), referring to the company of the same name and was located in the district during the colonial period.

A residential area of 100 hectares north of the highway is planned. Y would be provided for the construction of the Great Mosque of Algiers would be the third largest in the world with the highest minaret ever built with a height of 250 meters.

In the Ottoman period this part of the Bay of Algiers was occupied by the batteries and forts that protected the city.
Between 1866 and 1920 the town houses at the initiative of Cardinal Lavigerie the community of White Fathers on the town at the time of ' Square House ' .
Historically, the town was a district of El Harrach to the development of new areas to the north that forced a new administrative division.
In 1984 , the town of Mohammedia is separated from El Harrach and became a municipality in its own right.

Formerly Lavigerie , named after the Cardinal Lavigerie .

The district Lavigerie kept that name until 1984, the creation of the municipality. The name would Mohammadia the Muslim Ummah Mohammadia (which means the nation of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam QSSL)

The common features:

The hotel Hilton
The tower business Algeria Business Center.
The two towers of the Ministry of Commerce.
The National Company of Fairs and Expositions (SAFEX) which manages the Exhibition Centre.
The Office of the Algerian International Business Development (ALGEX) [2]
Several national companies have warehouses like Algeria Telecom, ENMTP the SONATRO, ENPMA (agricultural materials, public works, roads), ONCV, Onam, COMAPH (agricultural cooperatives and wineries), ENPC (plastic and rubber), ENAC ( pipelines), Enros (underground), EDIMCO (building materials), SNTR (Road Transport), COTITEX (Textiles) or COSIDER, GENISIDER (civil engineering and public works).
Ardis shopping center located between the Exhibition Centre and the Oued El Harrach
The headquarters of the Algerian Republican Guard (el djamhori crate).

Specializing in National Institute of Vocational Training INSFP (Studies of two and a half years in three different sectors: electronics and Maintenance Computer and electrical engineering)
Algerian Higher School of Business ESAA is an institution of higher education management to bring about the cooperation between Algeria and France. the ESAA is a public administrative special purpose

Exhibition covers an area of ​​68 hectares.
National Center of Trade Register (NRC)
National Highways Agency (ANA)
Recreation Park
Mohammadia Business Centre, located in the Tamaris (El Djenina)
Everyday life
The municipality of Mohammadia hosts:

The Stage 1 November when moving the football team of USM El Harrach .
The athletic club founded in 1981 and ranked 30th nationally and the club CRD and NBM
The karate school sports star Mohammadia ,
Sports Hall Belvedere
Lots of basketball a city located 618 accommodations

(translated via google from the french wikipedia)
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umm kaoutar
umm kaoutar

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PostSubject: Re: Mohammadia, Algiers   Mohammadia, Algiers Icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 3:03 pm

masha`allah i know this area

my dh use to do sport their ...which was close to le prentomn (sorry spelling)

just down form that their building the big masjid

you will also find alot of ppl learning to drive in this area too my dh took me their to get me use to driving here in algeria
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PostSubject: Re: Mohammadia, Algiers   Mohammadia, Algiers Icon_minitime

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Mohammadia, Algiers
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